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Self Care | Group Care

Practices, contexts and conditions for personal and group connection, healing, resilience, innovation and joy.

“We could be right on the edge of a world where many people will want mindfulness in the workplace, and equate emotional fitness with body fitness”
-Mirabai Bush, co-Founder of the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society.


In her work with organizations and communities, Leah Vineberg draws upon years of practice in Mindfulness and Compassion, and her training in Mindful Communication, Clean Language Coaching and the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations to support the group in returning to its most wholesome, connected, open and productive state. Together, we address what needs care, what we are carrying, and what is calling for action. Asking questions such as What are, or were our original intentions as a group, community, organization? What challenges are we facing right now? Who and how does the team want to be?

Using grounding, presence and emergent practices, we access the intelligence of the group, discovering the resource that is each individual, and allowing for the evolution of each person that comes when in service to an inquiry greater than ourselves. These processes beautifully embolden each person, strengthen the team, and yield original and brilliant solutions.

Everything gets cared about, everyone feels better, inspiring solutions have emerged via the engagement of each member of the team, the path ahead is bright again, and people are excited about it and invested in it because it is a creation of the group, by the group, for the group. In other words: the group took care of itself.

Each program is tailor-made to care for the specific needs of the organization at the time. Working in collaboration with the team itself, Leah has designed and facilitated programs on project intentions and desired outcomes, stress-management, group healing and group bonding, self-care and resiliency, and community accountability.


Mindfulness is the simple practice of bringing non-judgmental attention to what is happening in the present moment.

Mindfulness practices can be learned by anyone, quickly and easily.

Even within challenging circumstances, you can feel better within 30 seconds by knowing how to relate to what is present.

Mindfulness practice replenishes our energy and re-establishes focus; it is the cultivation of true and actual resiliency, creating space within so that we can be present, kind, wise and available in all facets of our lives.





Dans la rue
École buissonnière
Black Lives Matter
Imperial Tobacco
Université de Montréal


The Writing Cabin is a holistic, Urban, afternoon writing retreat, co-designed and co-facilitated by Leah Vineberg and Vanessa Reid (Co-founder The Living Wholeness Institute)

The retreat is a safe, brave and rich context in which you will be able to make good contact with yourself, your writing, and with the writer you happen to be on that day. The space we hold all together is nourishing, respectful, supportive, and non-judgmental. There are writing warm-ups as well as short writes, and a longer period of time for silent writing. There is an opportunity to read some of the writing that comes through, in small groups, and to give and receive appreciative feedback. Feedback on what we loved, what touched us, feedback that supports the continuation of writing. Space is very limited, and as such, the retreats fill up quickly.

To express interest in participating in the next Writing Cabin, please email leah@landwithin.com

Daylong retreats with Leah are not-to-be-missed events and I give them top priority in my schedule. Her teachings are simple and powerful. They stay with me and I can easily incorporate them into my practice. Each month, my knowledge about meditation gets deeper and my practice, simpler.


Chantal Bourgeois, Preschool Co-ordinator, École Buissonnière

Preschool Co-ordinator, École Buissonnière

Leah is a profound, gentle and knowledgeable teacher who makes the art of meditation a pleasant and accessible experience for everyone. Her monthly “day-long retreats” are a body and mind re-boot that helps me get back on track, more focused, more disciplined and more openhearted making my life’s journey a more joyful one.

This is the best gift you could give yourself and very affordable too!

Jeanne Rahilly

Events Co-ordinator

Leah Vineberg is a truly inspirational teacher, who teaches from many years of disciplined and regular practice. She creates a compassionate environment, where her students can completely be themselves, and journey into a life of peace, health, and happiness.

Kelly McGrath

Director and Founder, Joy of Yoga

I would like to thank Leah, who helped me understand mindfulness and put it into practice in my daily life. Thank you Leah for your generosity and your patience.

Jocelyne Clément

Deputy Director, Finance Department

Leah’s teaching is full of empathy, simplicity, gentleness and wisdom. Her smile, her presence and the way she talks and listens set her apart as an exceptional teacher. Her classes helped me to anchor myself further into my body and my life. And I am eternally grateful to her for that.

Mathieu Bélanger

Graphic Designer

Thank you for your support and for showing me how inner unity can be rediscovered and created. I appreciate your openness, your caring, your way of communicating, your encouragement and your compassion!

Melanie K


I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Leah. Her class feels like a privileged moment that provides you with stability, openness and serenity.

Valérie Habra

Redactor, Grant Applications, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

“I just wanted to thank you Leah for your guidance into mindfulness and meditation. You taught me how to turn down the volume to life’s chaos and come back to a place of stability. I look forward to leaning into life with my new perspective!”

Joy Barker

Clinical Research Associate

Leah’s skill is multi-faceted and her style of work and communication is deep and extremely accessible. Rarely have I worked with someone with such strong skills of communicating the subtle aspects of a group, and who is able to do so with humour and mastery. This is directly related to Leah’s ability to navigate her own inner world – the acute awareness she has of her own process and her ability to tap that same awareness collectively with and for a group. Her mature meditation practice, her precise noticing skills and her natural and honest way of communication can literally transform a group from chaos to awareness. Leah has a very strong vision for what is possible when people come together meaningfully, when they have the container to navigate difficult situations and emotions and can access collective intelligence in service to something larger than individual selves. She has a real skill in listening to what is wanting to happen both for a design and ‘live’ in the group. She understands what structure will allow a group to stay with the process and she tracks the emergence of what is happening. She is unafraid to make changes that support the learning. Leah has a strong intuitive sense of where a group is going, and has the meta- communication skills to frame for them what is happening.

She is an excellent facilitator, a sophisticated designer and gracious host.

Vanessa Reid

Co-Founder, Living Wholeness Institute

C’est sans réserve que je rédige une recommandation pour témoigner des qualités exceptionnelles de Mme Leah Vineberg comme femme engagée et comme personne passionnée par l’avancement des dynamiques systémiques propres à notre époque. Au cœur de sa posture, je vois une grande capacité d’empathie et un désir sincère de prendre soin de l’humain. Elle est un ajout précieux à tout processus dialogique.


Juan Carlos Londono

Cofondateur Lupuna, lupuna.com

Leah’s outstanding sense of collaboration, mixed with her Zen and her forward thinking was what had made her stand out to me. Her success is due to her talent to bring everyone to participate, either individually or in group, respecting each person’s rhythm, values and limits. She knows how to bring us to our heart, to our core, still respecting these very fine boundaries. I always told her that she is one of these women that can be part of the change or a big movement. Always involved in different projects in the Montreal community, it is obvious that one of her leading personas is the teacher; a teacher of life, a teacher of the soul.


Veronique Pierre

Owner, Yoga Laurentides

Leah Vineberg

Leah Vineberg has been facilitating meaningful and wonderful retreats, workshops, corporate and community classes in self-care, stress-management, compassion and mindfulness practices for the last 10 years professionally. Trained in Mindful Communication, Mindfulness In The Workplace and in The Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations, and a certified Symbolic Modeling/ Clean Language coach, Leah’s work has been naturally evolving from self-care to group-care, from individual healing to collective healing.Drawing on her years of practice holding space for individuals to take care of themselves, Leah is now doing the work of supporting groups and communities wanting to do the same; working in collaboration with organizations in the design and facilitation of tailor-made, healing and bonding events for their teams and communities. Leah works on a foundational level, providing tools, resources and conditions for individuals and groups to feel well and connect with themselves and each other, cultivating genuine availability and building true resiliency.

An adoring student of Ken McLeod, Leah has also had the great fortune of studying directly with Mirabai Bush, Pema Chodron, Tim Olmsted, Sharon Salzberg, Hart Lazer and Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche. Leah holds a B.A in Liberal Arts, did post-graduate work in Interdisciplinary Arts and Cultural Studies, and has been the recipient of several grants, awards, bursaries, scholarships and fellowships.


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